Cultural Choice Dishy Hand Dishwashing Detergent 5 litre

Cultural Choice Dishy Hand Dishwashing Detergent 5 litre
  • General purpose detergent recommended for hand dishwashing and cleaning of hard surfaces. Dishy General Purpose Hand Dishwashing Detergent 100% AUSTRALIAN MADE PRODUCT FEATURES & BENEFITS • Economical • Gentle on hands • Versatile PRODUCT INFORMATION Surfactant blend with superior foam, hard water tolerance and easy rinse, contains emollients for skin moisturising. PRODUCT USE • Dilute 1:180 with warm water in sink. • General recommendations for sink sizes: Sink Size Dishy Dose 5 L 30 - 60 mL 10 L 60 – 90 mL 20 L 120 - 180 mL 50 L 300 – 600 mL • Rinse with water after use
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